•      For entrepreneurs with serious businesses
•      For expats looking for a place to come home to work
•      For freelancers, who usually work from home but want a professional office to rent away from the spare bedroom


We have workstations and separate office space for rent at Keizersgracht 321 in Amsterdam.


For those who are looking for a short or long term professional, trendy, modern office space in downtown Amsterdam.


In the very heart of Amsterdam; Keizersgracht 321

When should you choose HOW Amsterdam

– If your home environment is too distracting to concentrate
– If you do not want/cannot receive your clients at home, but you would prefer to receive them in a friendly and professional environment
– If you like to be in a professional, informal, friendly environment to be creative with other entrepreneurs
– If you want to expand your network
– Searching for Serviced Office, Meeting Rooms and/or Virtual Offices

Why should you choose HOW Amsterdam

– Because it is an inspiring place where you get the opportunity to develop your dreams and business
– It’s a creative and friendly environment
– Enjoy a fun social environment by enjoying fresh, healthy lunches, dinners and / or drinks with other like-minded people
– The space can also be rented for parties
– The accessibility is excellent
– The rental costs in many cases is tax deductible
– The leases contain a notice period of only 2 months
– There is always cold champagne stored, ready to celebrate every victory!