Welcome at Residence Boissevain, Keizersgracht 321, Amsterdam

We are not just an office and we don’t offer just desks.

We are a home where you can work.

A place where you can be yourself.

A place where you will be part of a family.

Suspended ceilings scares us and

fluorescent lighting blinds us.

Our Residence Boissevain has beautiful old

ornaments and is filled with warm lights.

A rich and homy atmosphere for all of us to

work in.

In other words;

A five star place to come home to work.

Residence Boissevain Amsterdam offers affordable and inspiring office space and workstations in a historical building at one of the finest locations in the bustling heart of Amsterdam.

Intended for (international) entrepreneurs and/or businesses who want to expand their network in the best office in town!

Residence Boissevain Extends Your NETWORK

By renting a workstation at Residence Boissevain, you receive our large network for free. This network could easily be expanded by participating the many events we organize.


Short contract, no hidden costs

Professional office/address

Free business rooms

Great coffee

Prestigious building

Centre of Amsterdam

City garden

Curious? Check the pictures or contact us for more information at info@keizersgracht321.nl!


Residence Boissevain Amsterdam is proud of its prime location on the Keizersgracht 321. Not only the name exudes power, but the environment is unbeatable. There is great accessibility by tram, bicycle and train. With a parking garage just a couple of steps away, Residence Boissevain is the perfect place for your business associates to access.

Residence Boissevain is located in the very heart of the every day life of Amsterdam. Literally around the corner of The 9 small streets while at the same time, you can concentrate in peace on your core business, enjoying the view over the canals or the huge garden.

You will be surrounded by this peaceful silence, until you step out of the door, where you will find an array of chic bars and cafes, perfect for your lunch meetings. The shopping possibilities are endless. Whatever you are looking for, everything is possible at Residence Boissevain Amsterdam.


  • For entrepreneurs with serious businesses

  • For expats looking for a place to come home to work

  • For freelancers, who usually work from home but want a professional office to rent away from the spare bedroom


We have workstations and separate office space for rent at Keizersgracht 321 in Amsterdam.


For those who are looking for a short or long term professional, trendy, modern office space in downtown Amsterdam.


In the very heart of Amsterdam; Keizersgracht 321

Full time Membership

You will be given the key to the office, where you can concentrate at your fully equipped workstation. It will give you a professional appearance to your clients and you will have the opportunity to use the meeting room for any business related appointments. In addition, you may, if desired, join lunches, dinners, receptions and all other facilities.

This includes access to the wifi network, printer and copier, coffee, tea and use of the meeting room. You can register your company at Residence Boissevain and of course you can receive your mail.

Furthermore, you are invited to all activities organized by Residence Boissevain Amsterdam Amsterdam.

Part time Membership (during office hours)

You can also become a Part time member of Residence Boissevain Amsterdam without taking a permanent fully equipped workstation. You can plug your laptop in during business hours. This includes access to the wifi network, business room, coffee & tea.
Furthermore, you are invited to all activities organized by Residence Boissevain Amsterdam.

Conditions and key issues:

– For fulltime members, we are open from Mond till Friday and in the weekends on request
– For part time members, we are open from 09 am – 6 pm from Monday till Friday

  • Includes storage space for fulltime members

    – (Wireless) Internet is available to anyone

    – You will have the possibility to join us during our fun and friendly lunches

    – Printer / scanner are available

    – Notice period: 2 months

Finding your dream working environment may be easier than you think, please contact Residence Boissevain Amsterdam by:

phone 020-638 10 10

email; info@keizersgracht321.nl

Serviced Office, Meeting Rooms and Virtual Offices

Are you also seriously thinking about renting your own desk @ Residence Boissevain Amsterdam.  We will be pleased to invite you during one of our fun and friendly lunches or drinks for a taste of the atmosphere. We offer special offices and workplaces in a great location, with enthusiastic and inspiring entrepreneurs in the very heart of Amsterdam.

Keizersgracht 321

Everything you need is available: a desk, internet, plug-in, the finest coffee, the best tea, and champagne for all the victories you would like to celebrate. Wireless internet is available throughout the building and the social area, kitchen and meeting room are available for everyone.

Whether you’re in it for the long haul, renting as a temporary measure before you ultimately invest in bricks and mortar or are taking the first steps towards expansion, leasing is a flexible choice to suit most businesses.

We are excited to welcome you as a new resident. We cannot wait to show you around. So please do not hesitate to contact us.